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Top 6 Critical Success Factors of Website Development

Web development is a very extensive process consisting of the creation and prolonged maintenance of the website on the internet and it has to be done properly.

Full attention to the core aspects covers detailed planning and well-handled management.

There are the following major features during the development you should be  focused on:

1. Completing project brief: 

This involves the definition of the initial project scale and scope from the client, learn about the client’s objectives, purpose behind the project and audience.

2. Project research: 

After receiving and learning an exhaustive brief the team has to analyze provided information as well. As a consequence of above-mentioned the team can offer the best idea how to get to developing the project. Making research can help to reveal the possible pitfalls at the early stage.

3. Risk evaluation:

It is the most difficult and important phase to carry out. Risk consists of two things: the probability of something going wrong, and the adverse effect  that will happen if it does. Evaluating risk can help to identify potential project threats, minimise their  impact on the project and determine the right solution.

4. Resource assignment and responsibility: 

Every member of the team has to play a certain role in the development process. It is crucial that the responsibilities should be assigned to the right team member with regard to his experience and capability of the provided role. Wrong allocation of resources can lead to the fail of the project.

Advantages of Outsourcing in Ukraine

Last few years IT market has become global and software development companies have started to search for new competitive advantages they finally found out the possibility of offshore IT outsourcing.

It’s not a secret that Ukraine provides currently an access to the deep pool of highly experienced developers. The best decision for a company looking for projects development within Europe is Ukraine, which offers highly skilled IT specialists at a reasonable cost and high quality.

The responsibility of the success of a project lies entirely with the customer, but we are aware that if the customer messes up they will be leaving us. So our employees guide the customer with a firm hand. But the customer has the final say.

Very often a customer is afraid of a classic problem with outsourcing business it is a lack of transparency. That’s why it is one of our issue to prove our customer that there is no catch in it but only benefit.

Молдова Зажгла Предновогодние Огни

Наконец-то дождались фото-отчета о прошедшем корпоративе молдавского отделения компании Optimum, который вызвал у нас огромное колличество приятных воспоминаний.
Благодаря профессионализму ведущих и отличному настроению наших сотрудников, в прямом смысле, была “зажжена” атмосфера караоке кафе!

Вместо обыденного написания кодов и фреймворков, на корпоративе одной из задач ребят  было составление четверостиший, с содержанием обязательных 2-х слов “компания” и “Optimum”. Все справились с этим заданием на отлично.
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