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IT Outsourcing and its benefits

Outsourcing is an often pronounced term in the business environment, and not just when it comes to foreign investment strategies. Nowadays, hundreds if not thousands of companies use different types of outsourcing to some degree, much of it involving the technology sector.
IT outsourcing is a process through which an organization hires resources from outside to handle certain information technology functions.

One of the main specialties and benefits of IT outsourcing is that you do not need to search and recruit qualified personnel to monitor the functional performance and improvement of software elements. And yet, you can still have the most qualified and hardworking specialists working for you and your business’ success. With the help of IT outsourcing, you can attract developers, SEO managers, quality engineers, and quality assurance specialists which perfectly match your requirements.

By the way, choosing an IT outsource company will also save you time and money when the time comes to enlarge your IT department. The IT company is the one responsible for adding new workforce as your project grows. Organizations offering IT outsourcing services have sufficient staff to meet the needs of all of their clients. If necessary, there is always a competent specialist who is ready to provide the needed assistance and solve the problem.

Thanks to IT outsourcing a company can significantly reduce the costs of maintaining its own IT system and optimize the distribution of its assets. If you’re still at the beginning of the road, and hiring full-time programmers and testers is not in your plan, then outsource is your answer. No need to pay huge salaries and related taxes! You can have it all at much lower prices.

IT outsourcing ensures you pay the optimal costs to maintain the performance of your own software. Considering, the fierce competition in the field of IT outsourcing, the advantage is on your side, since the cost of IT services are very affordable.

Meantime, the contract with an IT company presents a reliable guarantee that the computerized system will work well, and all the issues which might appear will be promptly fixed. Additionally, all the new hardware and software components will be implemented correctly and efficiently.

In a few words, here are the main benefits of IT outsourcing:
-      Receiving a high-level service matching your needs;
-      Stable work programs;
-      Quick updates and pushes to the server;
-      Ongoing technical support;
-      Financial savings.

The plus of collaboration with an IT outsourcing company is that you cooperate only with qualified specialists, whose duties include the prompt resolution of any issues. The outsourcing company will also make competent recommendations on the selection of the enterprise’s technical equipment, based on the requirements of the software you are developing.

It’s great to know you can save time, and benefit financially from IT outsourcing, but getting new experiences, discovering new people and traditions is just as important.

By choosing an IT outsourcing company, such us Optimum-Web, you choose an international enterprise with multi-ethnic employees and well-respected ancient traditions. Meet up new people, and get ready to expand your cultural knowledge with us. Let’s share and enrich ourselves with new customs, rituals, and folklore from any corner of the world.

The advantages and peculiarities written above, represent unique opportunities for SMEs and other businesses limited in finance. Cooperate with a truly qualified team that will make sure that no errors and bugs go to production and will always be ready to treat you with a cup of cold home-made wine. Get a chance to feel the hospitality, warmth, and kindness of Moldovan people. Contact Optimum-Web right now!

Global IT outsourcing market finds the new role of Ukrainians

Ukrainian political events are in the focus of global news. And global IT-market, too. Although, the connection between these two subjects is not noticed, as a rule.
For the first decade of the 21th century, IT outsourcing had been popular so much, that it would doomed to face disenchantment, according to the mechanisms of media sensation. In 2012, the death of IT outsourcing was declared in some articles.
In fact, sales volume decreased in some local markets of IT outsourcing, Especially, in USA
Some analysts predicted, that the decrease will continue till 2016.
However, at the beginning of 2013, another trend was fixed. The largest-ever research survey (1355 stakeholders across enterprise buyers, service providers and consultant/influencer organizations were interviewed), focused on IT and business function outsourcing, was conducted by State of Outsourcing 2013 Study with the support of KPMG. It was revealed, for example, that 31% of the interviewed were planning to start or to enlarge Human Resources Outsourcing. As for the outsourcing Application development & Maintenance, - 48%; moreover, 31% were going to keep the level of 2012, for that service
The most widespread Operational drivers (motives, reasons), regarding the decisions for IT outsourcing cordering, were Reduce Operating Cost (43% - mission critical, 44% - mission important, but not critical) and Greater flexibility to scale operations (37% and 45%, respectively)
The main Strategic drivers: Gain access to talent (24% - mission critical, 46% - mission important, but not critical) and Gain access to new technology (22% and 40%, respectively).
The popularity of IT outsourcing is variable, depending on the region of the planet.
Germany, the country which took the 4th place in Global Competitiveness Index 2013-2014, having overtaken the United States, knows a good judge in the using of IT outsourcing.
According to Ardour Sourcing Pulse Check 2013 (there were interviewed more than 100 companies in different industries about their sourcing activities in the last 12 months), more than 60 percent of the organizations were planning to increase their outsourcing volume, for 2014 in Germany. The largest growth was expected in cloud technologies, with 36% of companies planning to increase their volume or to outsource for the first time.
As for the global trends, in 2008-2012, according to the International Trade Centre, the export of computer and information services increased by 30%, in average over the world, while it increased by 300% in Ukraine. In 2013, the World Bank forecasted, that Ukraine can take 6th place in the world rating of the volume of IT exporting.
Ukrainian companies have 15-year-old history of outsourcing, they have good connections, relations with European clients. They are already high qualified in SaaS projects, Cloud Computing apps, mobile apps, for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.
The reasons of such a large demand on Ukrainian IT specialists, for outsourcing, are rather common: price and quality. The price of Ukrainian IT specialists was increasing for the last years, but it is was still far from the level of their Western colleagues.
Well, and what about politics? There good news for the consumers.
There were more than 24,000 specialists certificated in IT, by Brainbanch. According to this data, Ukraine was the 4th, after the USA, Russia and India. Moreover, Ukrainian universities produce 16,000 IT specialists every year. Potential human resources of Ukrainian economy, in IT technologies, is growing by 20% annually. This trend may cause small and gradual decreasing of the salaries, thus resulting the decreasing of the export prices, thus strengthening the attractiveness of Ukrainian IT providers. However, this is imperceptible, if to compare with the impact of political crisis, which has appeared in the first half of current year, in Ukraine.
First, the success of Ukrainian IT outsourcing providers was done not due, but despite the policy of former Ukrainian rulers. After well-known political changes, in April, 2014, the minister of new Ukrainian government, famous business guru, presented his program of large preferences for Ukrainian IT business, to be implemented in 2014.
Second, the devaluation of Ukrainian currency by 50%, as well as the increase of unemployment in Ukraine, are forming excellent competitive position for Ukrainian IT outsourcing exporters. Now, the value for money is going to be even better, than in previous years.

So, global market of IT decisions outsourcing seems to be at the process of large changes, regarding to the triumphal arrival of unassuming Ukrainian providers. Being one of them Optimum-web can be considered as a great example of the company that has gained huge success at the Ukrainian software outsourcing market. We always tend to apply professional approach to working with all clients, we use modern and highly efficient development methodologies and we hire only true professionals that are capable to deliver out-of-the-box custom solutions with all advantages of outsourcing.

Optimum-web Double Corporate Weekend

Optimum-web Double Corporate Weekend This year we’ve been celebrating May holidays as a double party with Moldova and Ukraine teams. It’s a shame we’ve been apart this year, but on the other hand we had two cool parties instead of one. Let us tell you a few words about these team building experiences.

South of Moldova Trip

This year our Moldova office had a fabolous excursion to the South of Moldova. The trip included visiting of Marpha and Maria Abbey which was wonderful and very spiritual. Also the tour program provided visitiong one of the antient wine plants with special cellars with wine bottles and barrels. During the trip our Moldova team was guided by the experienced man called Alexey Romanchuk who is a tutor at the High School of Antropology. Our team fellows said that they learned a lot about their country during this trip, saw how rich and multiform it is. They had a beautiful insight into country’s history, different cultures and ethnic groups that have been existing in Moldova from the antient times. On the way to the Abbey the guide told an interesting story about Marpha and Maria after whom it was called.

What can be more precious about Spring than its first warm, sunny, summer-like days? That’s why Moldova team spent a lot of time outside enjoying beautiful nature views. This year the weather was delightful so that it was wonderful to have a walk around the Abbey and to look at all the beauty of Moldova nature. In the afternoon the excursion at the Abbey was over and we went to a little town of Gradinitsa where we were taken to an antient wine plant with its picturesque cellars. These cellars are located in old underground ways which age is more than 500 years. They served as a link between the old Bandery fortress to other fortresses.

The atmosphere was extraordinary when observing that brickwork of vaulted ceilings and smelling the cent of old wine barrels. There was certainly a wine degustation and rich national meal including cheese, fried carp, stuffed cabbage and wildfowl. This was one of the best corporate trips in our company and all the guys came back with unforgetable memories.

Corporate Fun and BBQ in Odessa Region

Ukrainian part of our team decided to bring together Odessa office with our newly opened Kiev office. This was a wonderful team building opportunity which was happily taken by absolutely all team members. Ukrainian team had a relaxing trip to the recreation center in Karolina Bugaz town near Odessa. We rented a nice villa with swimming pool, beautiful lawns and flowerbeds. The program included delicious BBQ, resting at the sea coast and swimming in the sea for those who were brave enough to bear clod water. By the way, there even were three voulunteers!

The Kiev office of four people came to Karolina Bugaz on Friday night and started celebration. The next day Odessa team joined this sally and the main fun began. Our chef Nicolas Falko made for us true delicatessen on the brazer including juicy pork and fish. Also we made different salads, snaks, tasty ear and as a main dish - delicious lamb pilaf. As was said above, we went to the sea coast and it was beautiful experience especially for Kiev team who consider sea as something really special. The sound of the waves, the smell of water, the beautiful sunset in the sea - everything was unforgetable and very vacation-like.

Here at Optimum-web we truly appreciate such lovely team-building catchups and consider this to be a great condition for friendly, healthy and professional environment in our company. Which is certainly a reason why we do so well in software development!

Top 6 Critical Success Factors of Website Development

Web development is a very extensive process consisting of the creation and prolonged maintenance of the website on the internet and it has to be done properly.

Full attention to the core aspects covers detailed planning and well-handled management.

There are the following major features during the development you should be  focused on:

1. Completing project brief: 

This involves the definition of the initial project scale and scope from the client, learn about the client’s objectives, purpose behind the project and audience.

2. Project research: 

After receiving and learning an exhaustive brief the team has to analyze provided information as well. As a consequence of above-mentioned the team can offer the best idea how to get to developing the project. Making research can help to reveal the possible pitfalls at the early stage.

3. Risk evaluation:

It is the most difficult and important phase to carry out. Risk consists of two things: the probability of something going wrong, and the adverse effect  that will happen if it does. Evaluating risk can help to identify potential project threats, minimise their  impact on the project and determine the right solution.

4. Resource assignment and responsibility: 

Every member of the team has to play a certain role in the development process. It is crucial that the responsibilities should be assigned to the right team member with regard to his experience and capability of the provided role. Wrong allocation of resources can lead to the fail of the project.

Advantages of Outsourcing in Ukraine

Last few years IT market has become global and software development companies have started to search for new competitive advantages they finally found out the possibility of offshore IT outsourcing.

It’s not a secret that Ukraine provides currently an access to the deep pool of highly experienced developers. The best decision for a company looking for projects development within Europe is Ukraine, which offers highly skilled IT specialists at a reasonable cost and high quality.

The responsibility of the success of a project lies entirely with the customer, but we are aware that if the customer messes up they will be leaving us. So our employees guide the customer with a firm hand. But the customer has the final say.

Very often a customer is afraid of a classic problem with outsourcing business it is a lack of transparency. That’s why it is one of our issue to prove our customer that there is no catch in it but only benefit.

Молдова Зажгла Предновогодние Огни

Наконец-то дождались фото-отчета о прошедшем корпоративе молдавского отделения компании Optimum, который вызвал у нас огромное колличество приятных воспоминаний.
Благодаря профессионализму ведущих и отличному настроению наших сотрудников, в прямом смысле, была “зажжена” атмосфера караоке кафе!

Вместо обыденного написания кодов и фреймворков, на корпоративе одной из задач ребят  было составление четверостиший, с содержанием обязательных 2-х слов “компания” и “Optimum”. Все справились с этим заданием на отлично.
Мы дружная компания-
Нас Optimum зовут!
И знает нас Испания,
И яркий Голливуд!

Мы оптимисты - программисты
Из Optimum компании.
Обставим конкурентов
Мы нашими стараниями!

Уважаемые Клиенты, Партнеры, Коллеги и Друзья!

В канун праздников поздравляем Вас с наступающим Новым Годом и Рождеством Христовым. Надеемся, что 2012 год был для Вас успешным и Вы с теплом в душе будете вспоминать его. Пусть Новый 2013 год будет ещё лучше. Желаем роста, расширения и стабильности Вашему бизнесу. Чтоб Вы добились всех поставленных перед собой целей и чтоб все Ваши мечты осуществились. Счастья, здоровья, удачи Вам, Вашим родным и близким.

С уважением и наилучшими пожеланиями,
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