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Advantages of Outsourcing in Ukraine

Last few years IT market has become global and software development companies have started to search for new competitive advantages they finally found out the possibility of offshore IT outsourcing.

It’s not a secret that Ukraine provides currently an access to the deep pool of highly experienced developers. The best decision for a company looking for projects development within Europe is Ukraine, which offers highly skilled IT specialists at a reasonable cost and high quality.

The responsibility of the success of a project lies entirely with the customer, but we are aware that if the customer messes up they will be leaving us. So our employees guide the customer with a firm hand. But the customer has the final say.

Very often a customer is afraid of a classic problem with outsourcing business it is a lack of transparency. That’s why it is one of our issue to prove our customer that there is no catch in it but only benefit.

Moreover with the second largest population after Russia Ukraine has become the most attractive outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe in the last 4 years. And the country boasts the fastest growing software development industry.Ukrainian software companies established as reliable business partners in the IT market.The main criteria are worth paying attention choosing Ukraine as an outsourcing partner:

1. Lower Cost.
The region offers low wage levels and is expected to stay that way for the next 15 years.

2. Education System & Abundant IT Labor Pool.
Ukraine has a strong educational system: 87 percent of high school graduates going on to higher education. Of those, 35 percent of students choose information technology related subjects.

3. Communications.
No communication barriers: higher education in the Ukraine provides foreign language courses for students studying computer disciplines, so that software developers can communicate effectively with counterparts across the globe; open minded and creative Ukrainians will communicate in the traditional Western style.

5. Geographic Proximity to Western European and U.S. Markets.
Ukraine’s closer proximity to Western Europe and the U.S. makes travel more convenient and allows for work schedules to overlap for at least a few hours, enabling much closer collaboration, more frequent communication and greater efficiency. Cultural similarity of Ukrainian people who are an integral part of European community and have a lot in common with Western Europeans.

No doubt, Ukraine is the best country to outsource web and software development services.


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